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What is Motor Lux lighting?

What is Motor Lux lighting?

Can you imagine what kind of lamp this is? At present, no matter what kind of control mode it adopts, its intelligence is only limited in the range of dimming and color matching. The biggest feature of Motor Lux lighting is that it can "move". Yes, with our self-developed intelligent control system, it can change the direction and angle of illumination electrically, auto-focusing, and even change the shape of lamps!

This subverts the traditional lighting design, because the traditional lighting design is based on static lamps. For example, when a banquet hall is decorated, the illumination height of lamps is 6 meters from the ground. Traditional spotlights are used, and Dialux software is used to simulate the effect and brightness of lighting on the ground and dining table, and then each spotlight is installed at a fixed position, Everything looks perfect, but in the actual use process, the table layout in the banquet hall is often adjusted according to the requirements of the guests for the use of space. At this time, the original lighting design effect will be completely disrupted, and the lighting will appear disordered, unless you are willing to arrange a professional electrician team, climb to 6 meters high, adjust the spotlights one by one, and then, every different party, you're willing to do the same. What if you are installing a Motor Lux spotlight? You can do this: after the ground layout is finished, you only need one person to hold the intelligent remote control and adjust the lighting angle one by one according to the lamp code until you are satisfied. You can adjust the brightness, color temperature and lighting direction of the spotlight easily!

Another example: decorate a museum and design the location of the spotlights. Then, according to the simulation effect of Dialux, each exhibit achieves a good display effect under the light. However, the exhibits are not immutable. What if the exhibits change from a large object to a small object? or did the position of the exhibits move back and forth slightly? Do you have to arrange a team to climb up and adjust the spotlight every time? However, if you use Motor Lux spotlight, you only need to put the exhibits in the right position, and you only need to hold the remote control to adjust the illumination angle and focal length of the spotlight!

Before the launch of Motor Lux lighting, lighting designers can only use static lamps to complete lighting effect design, but if the lighting scene changes, they can do nothing. Now, Motor Lux lighting fills the gap in this area and provides a better solution for lighting designers!

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What is Motor Lux lighting?