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DALI Lighting Control System


 Touch screen master controller can hook two channel DALI signal and it can control at most 128 pcs devices and can group the devices, set the scenes and have timing function. Users can dim a singal lights or dim a group. You can set the scene mode freely and call any scene at your will. This controller is suitable for the lighting control requirements of family, hotel, and large meeting places.

Touch screen master controller is a controller which is based on smart system.The touch screen adopts the popular capacitive touch technology, It is a control panel using software virtual metallic. This software is easy to use and very simple for user-defined settings. It can realize a variety of lighting control effect quickly and easily.

DALI Lighting Control System

2.Technical parameters

Working temperature:-20~60℃

Supply voltage:DC 12V,1A

Output:at most 128 channels DALI lighting devices.

Connect way: network cable

Packing size:245*165*60mm

External dimesion:210mm*127mm*45mm

Net weight:721g

Gross wet:876g

Static power consumption:12W

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