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The Advantages Of Alight Tech’s Infrared Control System Compared With Other Wireless Control Systems:

The Advantages Of Alight Tech's Infrared Control System Compared With Other Wireless Control Systems:

1. Infrared control mode. The technology of infrared for remote control is quite mature. The remote control system designed by infrared is stable, reliable and cost-effective. In some specific places, the installation density of the lamps is not high (generally greater than 1 meter), which is just suitable for the use of infrared control systems, without any system initialization, the lamps are installed and used, and an infrared remote control can be used for unlimited lamps Achieve one-to-one control.

2. Compare the control methods of WIFI or Bluetooth. Using WIFI or Bluetooth as the signal carrier can achieve precise control of the lighting network, but the communication method of WIFI or Bluetooth must be initialized by software installation and hardware settings, and the stability is affected by the local area network, and the software must be compatible with multiple countries or regions Multiple operating systems and local area network systems are more difficult to achieve, which will greatly reduce the convenience of the system and increase the cost of after-sales service.

3. Radio RF433 control mode. Use the widely used radio 430~440MHz frequency band, stable and reliable, long transmission distance, the software is pre-cured on the remote control and lamps, no need to install APP for complex system initialization work, only need to perform equipment coding once before leaving the factory, customers can Achieve ready-to-install, worry-free after-sales service. But compared with infrared control system, the price will be higher.
 Alight Tech's Infrared Control System